I am a photographer in Cannon Falls, Minnesota with more than 25 years experience in the field. I am currently a graduate student at the Academy of Art University and this is my online portfolio. I am a registered member of the American Photographic Artists and my information can be found here: APA: LE Cooper . I live in Cannon Falls, Minnesota but I travel all over the state shooting corporate portaits, product photography, events, and weddings. I am trying to become a better photographer by capturing life as it happens - at the lens. I try to capture the essence of all I see without need of photoshop to enhance my photos. I will keep post edits to a very bare minimum and be happy knowing I am not dependent on post-modern vices. I am also attempting to do my part in furthering the study of optical tactility. It is a new and fascinating idea, at least to me, and I am trying very hard to bring that level of reality to all my photos. Mark Twain once said there are no new ideas. We just keep recycling new versions of amalgamations we make in our minds. Funny thing about that, at the time his very inclination must have been a new realization. That my friends is a new idea. The world is a cool place for photographers. Happy shooting!

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Optical Tactility

Trying to give the viewer a sense of ownership. Shallow focal points create emphasis on the subject much like our own eyes when we really focus our attention on one thing.

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Black and White

Taking photos in black and white can add dramatic effect. In doing so, it can establish mood. This can help change the way your viewer feels when they look at the photograph.

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It becomes important to pay particular attention to dynamic range when shooting black and white. I like to create as big a difference between black and white as I can - even if I have to tone a bit in post. It creates a richer photo.

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L.E. Cooper "Coop"
Cannon Falls, Minnesota 55009