This page is a catalog of various logos I've worked on.

Sample Logo 1

This sample logo was the first thing to come to my mind when considering a way forward with my brand.

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Sample Logo 2

This is another idea for my new log.

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Sample Logo 3

This is the third version of my new logo.

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Sample Logo 4

Non-red/white/blue look.

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Sample Logo 5

New take on original using a monogram look.

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Sample Logo 6

Trying to implement advice on opening up the design to let it breath.

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Sample Logo 7

Final attempt - this example encorporates all peer and instructor recommendations.

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Sample Logo 8

Additional attempt - this example encorporates changes in kerning based on instructor feedback. The issue was kerning inconsistencies in the letters of COOPER and in the smaller word DESIGN. Kerning changes made here allow more room for this design to breath, as well as give it a bit of assymetrical balance. It makes the logo look less boxy.

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Sample Business Card and Letterhead

This represents my business card front and back, and my letterhead. The letter head is post edit based on instructor feedback.

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Sample Leave-behind and Packaging.

Package design for prospective employers who grant me an interview. The full design includes pen and pencil set along with packaging. These designs along with the entire design of my branding suite was driven by instructor feedback.

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