Hi, I'm Coop. I am a professional photographer in Saint Augustine, Florida. As a documentary photographer, I am a storyteller. That is to say, through my images, I tell stories about the world in which we all live. And then, sometimes I change the perspective to show a different view and invite your contemplations. It is the way in which I have chosen to communicate with the world and I would be honored to help tell your story with my images.  I provide outstanding reliable service, a comfortable and enjoyable experience for subjects in front of the camera, and photographs you will love. 
My photographic journey started more than 35 years ago. I got hooked on photography in school taking pictures for my high school newspaper and yearbook. There was so much in life I hadn't seen that became possible through photography. I was fascinated with how my camera captured things I had missed even though I was there in the same moment. Having photographs also allowed me to relive special moments that would have been eroded by time. 
I am a graduate of the Academy of Art University (AAU) which is the oldest private art college in America. I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

My Proffessional Memberships Include:
Society for Photographic Education (SPE) - Midwest Chapter
American Photographic Artists (APA)
National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

LE Cooper - Photographer

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